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MONEXSOFT™ is an all in one solution for all size of money exchange bureau or foreign exchange office. MONEXSOFT™ was designed and developed by Finaar Technologies PVT LTD which provide the innovative IT service since 1999 to the global customers.

This innovative, secure solution is compatible of your money regulation authority and customizable to have the fast solution and the same time full filling the money exchange regulation of your countries money regulations.





Our Services


Fintech Hardware & Devices

Fintech is the hardware device which is used for exchanging money from one country to other it’s cost effective processes designed to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services . Fintech currently describes a variety of financial activities, including money transfers, online payments or managing your investments

Custom Development

We provide our customers with best tools and solutions by perfectly satisfying their needs. our software is User friendly and best fit for purpose. It is customised based on customer requirements . , Software testing custom development as web application and mobile apps

Remote Compliance

Nowadays technology means you can carry out your compliance obligations through secure remote web portal access which saves time and its cost effective too. Because long meetings takes up productive hours and ultimately it can be costly.

Software Solution

software solution is a process that meet the specific needs of an customer. Tailor-made software solutions dedicated to an extensive range of products and services that work together to provide a constant flow of updated information. This complete, end-to-end workflow enables customers to transform raw data into useful information and actionable intelligence.

Technical Support

Involves in assisting with customers to resolve the technical queries. Our technical support team provides help regarding specific problems with a software and guiding the customer’s with immediate response through online


It offers high quality citified Fintech resources including IT developers, Fintech software engineers, block chain professionals, compliance offers, KYC, RBA auditors and other fintech and related service outsourcing.

Our Clients

We have a team of professionals, dedicated to providing excellent service to ensure the success of your company.